All right, so college football season is over. Don’t go crying in your beverage, just remember the National Football League is having a magnificent year with many interesting stories to tell and the hard-hitting playoffs are heating up. There is one show, that if you are not watching, you must run, and not walk, and get Satellite TV as soon as possible. The show is on HBO, and it is named “Inside The NFL”. It comes on every Wednesday, throughout the season. (And is replayed during the week, so you have ample time to see it) Or better yet, just record it on your DVR (Digital Video Recorder) and watch it whenever.
The show features some of the best players from the last few years who are in their prime of commentating on the sport they love and haven’t been absent from it all that long. I’m talking about Dan Marino (he still looks likes he could fling the pigskin 80 yards). Chris Collinsworth, the receiver who at first gets on your nerves and then you tend to like him; and another receiver, Cris Carter, who strikes me as being perhaps the smartest guy on the panel and Bob Costas, who never played, but is entertaining and knowledgeable in his own right.

Each week, these guys get together on HBO, on a set that looks like an old warehouse that’s been renovated, and they talk about last weekend’s games. Who did what, and who screwed-up, and perhaps the best par–NFL films provides some slow motion footage that they actually filmed, (remember film) so you see Peyton Manning’s passes in super slow motion such that you can see ufabet เว็บแทงบอลมือถือ the individual bumps on the ball! That’s right, not just the laces spinning around, or seeing how tight the spiral is, but the little bumps on the pigskin. And that’s not even in High-Def. If you have a Plasma or rear projection set, I imagine the picture would knock you out of your seat!

The experts also make their picks on the teams they think will win the upcoming weekend. Of course, they are often no better than anyone else with their prognostications, but they always give their reasons why Chicago is going to beat the Panthers, or how New England may be the team to beat, although they began the year with a dismal record. There’s lots of inside information presented in a fun manner by guys who do know their subject. Put this show on your list and contact Dish Network, get going before the weekend, and watch some of the best sports programming around. Dishnetwork is offering three free months of HBO right now, do not delay, get it today!


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