Although people are aware of what to do when there is fire, they often find it difficult to respond to the situation. Some panic, while others cannot focus. Another reason why people refuse to respond to the right way is because of their kids. Most children do not know what to do during these situations. Some end up missing and parents fail to get out because they are still searching for their children.

To prevent this from happening to you, you have to teach your child what to do during emergency situations like fire. You do not have to teach them how to use the wet chemical fire extinguisher. However, they have to know what to do to survive the circumstances.

Here are important things your children should know:

1. Stay calm

Although you cannot be sure if they will abc kids learn this, do your best to make them understand. Tell your child not to panic especially if you are not there. You can instruct him to do what they normally do during fire drills. If he is with an adult, he should not stray away from his companion.

2. Look for the fire exit

Teach him to find the exit sign. Show him images of how it looks like. When he sees the exit sign, he has to follow it to get out. Tell him to tell the rest of his companions as well. Children can easily stumble during this time. The adults should be able to carry the kids.

If your child is not with any adult, tell him to walk near the wall and avoid the rushing people. Stampede is likely to happen during these circumstances.

3. They should not stop to pack anything

Time is very precious in this situation. He has to hurry. He has to understand that during emergencies, no material thing is important. What is important is that he is able to get out of the burning building safely.

4. They should get out of the establishment

Outside the burning establishment is the safest place when there is a fire. This should be your child’s goal. Teach him that. When outside, teach him to approach a person in uniform to ask for help. Even if the kids are already outside, they should still be careful. They can get hurt while firefighters go about their way to stop the fire.


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