Football Freestyle is today a pretty unknown sport, even though it deserves a lot more recognition! The sport is still young and the term “football freestyle” have only been official for a couple of years. But that does not stop the freestylers to develop new tricks all the time and brake all limits there is in the sport. Freestylers have made things that seemed impossible 3 years ago, possible!

There is not many freestyle organizations and freestyle companies out there, but there are some. I really want to give props to all of them. Most freestyle UFABET งบน้อยก็เดิมพันได้ companies has invested a lot of money into the freestyle scene and they’re always trying to involve other freestylers in different projects and performances. Many of the companies are arranging performances all over the world, starring in TV ads and so on. They are trying to make the sport well known. They all make a big effort since freestyle is not a big industry, like soccer for example. They invest with the purpose to inspire kids, to get kids to love the ball even more.

There are not many companies and organizations out there, but to all of them I want to give big props, they are really making a difference for a lot of kids. The freestylers receive fan letters and emails on a daily basis from kids who love what they’re doing. In many countries there is not much to do, and then football freestyle is great, they take a ball or something round and do some tricks.

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