Typical pillow forms come in either square or rectangle shapes. So you may be surprised, and a little confused, when you come across a triangle pillow. If you’ve never seen these pillow forms before, you’re probably wondering what they’re used for. Is a Thai triangle pillow the same? Where might I get a triangle pillow form? Don’t let all these questions scare you away from branching out to another pillow form.

It just so happens that these pillows are quite popular in the realm of décor. They are a relatively new member to the pillow clan along with the sphere and cube pillow forms. They can spruce up any arrangement of throw pillows with the addition of whichevershaped throw pillows creative pillow cover you are feeling. And if a set of pillows is in need of some sprucing, try adding beads or tassels to the three corners of the pillow. That will for sure catch peoples’ eyes and add just the right amount of exotic flare to your room.

If home décor isn’t really the main concern at this point in your life, or if you’re looking more for practicality, you will still be satisfied with the addition of a triangle pillow to your home.

They are perfect for a child’s playroom or a teenager’s dorm room. The fun geometric shape makes for a great cushiony toy for the toddlers or an edgy design for the teenager’s dorm. Plain and simple, you will be adding a little spunk to the typical pillow shape.

The Thai triangle pillow is quite different from the type of triangle pillow form we have been talking about. It is used throughout Thai homes as an alternative form of seating when space is limited, or it’s merely used as a form of decoration.

Pillow forms are designed to be bent into different positions depending on the preference of each individual. Do you want to recline, or do you want to sit straight? They are often used at meals when sitting at a low table. Many retailers now carry Thai Triangle-style cushions.

Obviously the simple triangle-shape pillow and the Thai pillow have similarities such as the choice of different sizes, and they offer unlimited possibilities for colors and designs. Ultimately, they are a versatile and unique pillow.

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