This has been the question in many people’s minds especially those people who have never set a foot in any body building premises for instance a gym or even ever thought of trying any bodybuilding process. But the truth is that every one is subject to body building. The only difference is the approach one can take and make it successfully to the bodybuilding positive results. This article summarizes some categories of people who need body building and the reason why they need it most.

Children in general need bodybuilding than anyone else. This is because children are very susceptible to unbalanced growth and body unfitness and this is undesirable. A parent ought to think of some of the bodybuilding activities that his child can engage in to make their body growth a success. Children who do not exercise regularly are the most who succumb to obesity and this is a sever state which is hard to handle. Body building for children will add more value to body development since it will provide n optimal metabolism and burn all the excess fats which can accumulate in the process and bring about unfitness. The different types of exercise which the children can engage in include rope skipping, hide and seek, treasure hunt, and many other. However, the children body building should not be strict in that they need programs for workouts, all they need is something entertaining and this is what creates exercise and social gratification as well.

The sick people also need body building. Many people think that being sick demands that you be bed ridden and this is where they blunder because the disease continues to accelerate and worsen in state. Many time people fall ill of colds, stomach aches, headaches and other minor illnesses and they feel week and cannot even afford to lift the head for a cup of water. This should be totally discouraged because it is wrong for the patient. Such minor illnesses require one to be active. For instance colds, they are really demanding of the body’s energy and this is why the body requires replacement. Many people loose appetite when in this state and this is where bodybuilding applies greatly. You need to do lightsr 9009 exercise and this is what will warm up the body and generate more appetite for foods which is desirable for any ill person.

Pregnant women are also a category which has been sidelining bodybuilding for no genuine reason. Most of them tend to take it literally that a pregnant woman should always rest for a proper development of the child. This is a total misconception and it should be controlled from spreading and must be totally discouraged. A pregnant woman needs body building the most. This is what will develop fitness and control any accumulation of unnecessary fats which are supposed gotten rid of. It is through body building that the women will be able to carry the pregnancy for long distances of walking without getting exhausted. A balance of hormonal fluids and healthy bodies will also be made possible

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