If you are looking to advertise on YouTube on a more flexible payment scheme and for sure conversions, you can maximize YouTube pay per view services. You only get to pay when your ads are viewed by audiences of YouTube. YouTube, because of this offer, gains the trust of advertisers with a more accountable and transparent advertising platform and now hosts many advertisements from millions of marketers. This service comes in YouTube’s TrueView In-stream ad format.

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TrueView In-Stream Ad Format

This type of ad format integrates ads into the videos in YouTube. The ads appear as pre-rolled videos before, during or after the main selected videos are played. Viewers get 5 seconds to watch the ads. After, they have the option to continue watching the ads youtube premium free or to skip the ads. Advertisers will only pay once all of the ads or 30 seconds of the ads have been viewed. They will not pay for viewers who skipped the videos. But, when they do pay, it will be on a higher premium rate.

This type of advertising format is part of the new monetization scheme of YouTube. This type of service allows easier in-streaming of ads at a much more affordable rate. This advertising format is also more financially promising for many creators and producers of videos who are looking for ways to monetize their works of art. The advertising format is also very favorable for advertisers because they only pay for every conversion made. Audiences of YouTube are also happy of this advertising scheme because they have the option to skip the ads and watch the videos uninterrupted. The rates also differ in different countries. The return of investments may also be higher for partners than the creators of the videos.

Creating an Effective YouTube Pay Per View Ad

If you want to avail of YouTube’s TrueView In Stream Ad Format, you have to make a really good video. Your task is to convince your viewer not to skip after five seconds and continue watching your ads. The first five seconds of the video is thus, very crucial. Many advertisers would maximize the first five seconds to mention the brand, products and services. They get to advertise without paying YouTube and the creator of the main video. However, some advertisers would go to lengths to engage the audience into watching further. They create videos that leave their audiences curious and puzzled. These videos serve as teasers for the viewers to be too intrigued to stop watching the ads. Also the ads should be interesting enough for audiences to click more of your ads.

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