In the book “First Things First” Steven Covey talks about developing a personal mission statement. He said the best way to develop it would be to imagine you are at your own funeral listening to what everyone is saying about you.

Think about that, would you like what reasonable minded people, those that you have had close contact with would be saying at your funeral today? For many of us coaching youth football, we would draw quite a crowd. One of the things I usually do at the coaching clinics I run is to ask those in attendance to tell me what the name of the first youth football coach they had. About 99% of those that I ask that question to can name the coach right off the top of their heads and for many tha www.ufabet t is a memory that is 20-30 or for me even 40 years ago.

You Will Be Remembered Like It or Not

Just think about it, you will be remembered by all 25 of the kids you coach 40-50-60 years from now. Not only will they remember your name, they will remember your demeanor, how they were treated and what life lessons coach was trying to impart into their fertile young minds. The youth coaching position comes with a bully pulpit and the kids are watching you 100% of the time, like it or not. As they say with great power comes great responsibility, how well are you using that power with the kids in your charge? What would your ex players say about you at your funeral? Would they even be in attendance?

What About The Rest of Us Youth Football Coaches?

If you’ve coached multiple teams like I have or coached well past when your kids have played, the number of kids you will have affected will number in the hundreds. Where else are you going to be able to influence so many people so deeply for eternity? I started an inner-city program where we had upwards of 400 kids participating each year as well as a rural program that has about 75 kids. Ive personally head coached 17 football teams and 3 baseball teams. We will be expecting quite a crowd at mine, hopefully many moons from now.

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