For far too long I stayed away from social bookmarks. It just seemed like a waste of time to me.

I was wrong!

Online bookmarks have great value for those who want to build an online presence.

See, I’ve been able to rank on the top of Google without doing bookmarking, but when I added backlinks from sources like online bookmarks to my system I started seeing top rankings for my desired keywords on Yahoo, MSN, Bing and other top search engines.

In case you need to be convinced that backlinks are important, here are my EzineArticles stats for the last couple of weeks.

Article views = 191 (The amount of times my articles have been read within two weeks.)
Profile views = 30 (How many people have taken time to read my profile on Ezine Articles.)
Articles Published = 4 (This is 4 people that have published my articles elsewhere.)
URL clicks = 11 (People going to my Websites after reading my article.)

I love EzineArticles, but they certainly aren’t the only game in town no matter how good they are. The point here is that backlinks deliver results. Search engines know this and rank your content higher when they find you have a healthy amount of backlinks.

However, there is a problem.

There are so many ways to build backlinks on the market today that doing so might seem overwhelming at best. Building backlinks with onlineĀ  Cutting Stack from Crazy Bulk bookmarks can especially be a nightmare when it comes time to remember passwords and user names.


To alleviate some of the password and user name confusion I put together a Word file that tells me:

If the account is associated with a group system like Ping.FM.
The name of the account hyperlinked for easy access.
User name and password information associated with the account.

I also use social bookmarking sites that deliver results. My favorite social bookmarking site is Social ADR. It’s addictive, it’s powerful and it’s easy to use even for newbie’s.

It’s even got a free option, though I would highly suggest using their paid systems for your success.

Some say Social ADR works because it is a community of people sharing bookmarks on their own networks. Instead of having to do all the work yourself, their entire family gets involved with your project.

I don’t agree.

Others say, Social ADR works because of its tremendous affordability and cost saving strategies.

I don’t agree.

Social ADR works for one simple reason which has little to nothing to do with online bookmarks and the success of your Websi

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