More than likely, when you purchased your iPhone, you purchased the warranty to go along with it. As it is such an expensive investment, there is no reason you should not make every effort to take care of your phone, but you have that warranty for a reason: if something goes wrong. That is why you should take care not to void your warranty, and take note of how simple it can be sometimes to void it without even realizing it.

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Your iPhone’s Back Cover

Removing your iPhone’s back cover, no matter the reason for it, can cause more problems than it can fix if you are not authorized by Apple to do so. While it may not be necessarily obvious that you have ever opened the back of your iPhone, doing so immediately voids your warranty, even if it is a simple removal of the screws to properly clean along the edges of your iPhone. That being said, as long as you are careful in removing the screws and secure them back into place properly, there is no way that a technician will realize that you have removed the back of your iPhone and cannot void your warranty on simple suspicion alone.

The warranty for iPhone in this case is often left up to the iphone repair near me technician’s discretion, however. It is best to avoid removing the back cover of your iPhone at all costs, and certainly any cosmetic adjustments you make to your iPhone involving it will openly and obviously void your warranty and should thus be avoided entirely.

Water Damage and Your iPhone

One of the most common ways to entirely void your warranty is through water damage. Most people have had the horrible experience of dropping something expensive into water accidentally, be it in the toilet or sink or even the pool. Your iPhone would be a very expensive mistake as water damage voids your warranty entirely. There are actually water sensors within the iPhone and if water damage is suspected by your technician, they will remove the back cover of your iPhone and test to see if these sensors have been triggered. If they have been, then your warranty is null and void. These sensors are very sensitive, and even if you have dropped your iPhone into water only for a few seconds, there is a chance they will be triggered. The best way to avoid this is to simply not bring your iPhone anywhere near water, and to keep a close eye on it when and if you must. Protective waterproof cases may also aid in keeping it safe from harm.


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