I often get asked by ‘would be bodybuilders’ when you should start using protein supplements and other products to help increase your size and mass. And so I’ve decided that I’m going to quickly answer that question for you as well as provide you with some great starting tips (the kind of tips I would have wanted when I started…). You should only ever start using whey protein and other supplements when you already have other aspects in place. So you need to create a diet plan which gives you all the different things that will help your body grow and build. Like of course you’ll need protein, but you will also need other things like vitamins from fruits and vegetables.

So plan to eat a well rounded balanced diet which has a lot of protein, not many carbs or fats and take it from there. You may well need to modify your diet as you continue your weightlifting, but their are some key elements which are always going to be present, so get those out of the way first. For example, I’ve always included some solid forms of natural protein like fish, meats and cream. I now also use Optimum Nutrition 100% whey protein powder but that’s because I now need more protein as I have a very vigorous workout routine which really rips my muscles. I need the additional proteinĀ  sarms for bulking to help repair them again.

Which brings me to the workout routine itself. You should always been working out regardless of supplements or anything else. This is the key to building muscle so you should find an exercise routine which you’d like to try and then put it to the test. Usually the best ones are the ones that train you very hard for a short amount of time. Those are the kinds that I use almost every time I hit the gym and I always get great results. Once you have all that stuff sorted out and you’ve been bodybuilding for a while, you can perhaps try out a few bodybuilding supplements to see if you get greater gains from them. If you do not after a few weeks then stop taking them for a while and try again later on.

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